Our Lady of Lourdes

HIGH SCHOOL, Poughkeepsie, NY

Marist College Greystone Program

The Greystone Program offers college level courses through an online bridge program at a significantly reduced rate to program participants.  Marist College sponsors the state of the art “e-learning” environment, the Greystone Educational Environment, whereby seniors have the opportunity to earn college credits and continue their course of studies in high school. Credits earned may be applied to degree programs at Marist College or may be transferred to other colleges or universities.  

The following is a list of online courses offered through the Greystone consortium:

Intro to Cultural Anthropology ANTH 102 Topics in Biology  BIOL 101

Topics in Nutrition  BIOL 225                        Technology for the 21st Century  CSIS 103

Economics of Social Issues ECON 150       College Writing II  ENG 117

American Literature I  ENG 210                    American Literature II  ENG 211

Literature and Gender  ENG  220                 Intro to Literature Fiction & Poetry  ENG 255

Introduction to Environ. Issues  ENSC 101  Themes in Modern History  HIST 101

New York:  The Empire State  HIST 220     America since 1945  HIST 228

Introductory Statistics I  MATH 130             World Views and Values  PHIL 103

Introduction to Global Issues  POSC 103    American National Government POSC 110

Introduction to Psychology  PSYC 101        Introduction to Religion REST 107

World Religions REST 209                             Introduction to Sociology  SOC 101