Our Lady of Lourdes

HIGH SCHOOL, Poughkeepsie, NY

International Admissions

Our Lady of Lourdes High School provides an exceptional and invaluable experience for international students who are searching for a college preparatory level of education in an independent school.  Lourdes is located in the beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State which offers commanding views of mountains and valleys along the historic Hudson River.  The schools’ location is advantageous in that we are just 60 miles from New York City which is one of the most vibrant cities in the United States.  Visiting students are afforded the opportunity to experience suburban America and the excitement and energy of arguably the world’s most vibrant and sprawling metropolis.

Our Lady of Lourdes prides itself on the professional and special relationship which exists between its faculty members and students.  Teachers are inspired to work with students who are motivated and bright, as well as active and inquisitive learners.  The relatively small size of Our Lady of Lourdes and the manageable student-teacher ratio contribute to the extraordinary learning environment as faculty and students forge strong intellectual bonds.  Academic rigor, moral and spiritual guidance is combined with a full range of varsity sports, clubs and activities which sets Our Lady of Lourdes apart as a premier learning institute. Lourdes values lay the foundation for presenting students with a traditional and a 21st-century education. 

  • Academic Requirements and Expectations.
  • Teachers will evaluate each student’s ability to comprehend class material.  Teachers will take a proactive approach if limitations with the understanding of class material are discovered.
  • The use of school authorized translators is allowed for the first year.  The use of school authorized translators for subsequent years is subject to approval of the Assistant Principal for Academics  The use of translators is not permitted on State administered assessments.  The use of school authorized pocket translators are not permitted on vocabulary-type tests.
  • Students have access to our LearningCenter for support during students’ transition period.
  • Students will adhere to all standard rules and policies of Our Lady of Lourdes High School.
  • Students accept responsibility for their own success, including seeking assistance from teachers as needed.
  • Students are afforded the opportunity to represent their home countries proudly, and are encouraged to experience and learn about U.S. culture.