Our Lady of Lourdes

HIGH SCHOOL, Poughkeepsie, NY


Update on Winter Sports 2020/Off-Season Conditioning
January 8, 2001
Due to the recent surge in the COVID virus and the necessity to act with an abundance of caution for the safety of our student athletes, Our Lady of Lourdes High School has made a decision to not participate in low and moderate risk winter sports (fencing, indoor track and boys swimming) this Winter season.
At this time there is no definitive timeline for authorization of high risk sports (basketball, cheer, wrestling, volleyball, football, and boy’s lacrosse) to resume competition. Until authorization is granted by state officials, NYSPHSAA member schools are not permitted to participate in sports determined to be high risk by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH).
In addition, the School has decided to postpone any off-season conditioning (open gyms) for any school-based sports until further notice.   
Thank you,
Mr. William Kyle
Athletic Director


Transfer Rule Guideline

Effective with the 2017-2018 school year, 8th graders who have competed at the high school level (freshman, JV and/or Varsity sport) at their previous school before coming to Our Lady of Lourdes will be subject to the transfer rule as set forth by the New York State Public High School Athletics Association (NYSPHSAA). Paraphrased, the transfer rule states that any student in grades 8-12 who transfers without a corresponding change in residence to the Arlington Central School District shall not be eligible to participate at the Varsity level in any interscholastic athletic contest in a particular sport for a period of one (1) year if as a 9-12 student participated in that sport during the one (1) year period immediately preceding his/her transfer. NOTE: Students in grades 9-10, shall be eligible to participate at the sub-varsity (Freshmen and/or JV) level and practice at all levels, while students in grades 11-12 shall be limited to practice only. (July 2019).
Students who transfer from any school to Our Lady of Lourdes that resides within the Arlington Central School district boundaries shall receive a waiver from the Transfer Rule and they can participate immediately at any level. Such a transfer without penalty will only be permitted once in a high school career.