Our Lady of Lourdes

HIGH SCHOOL, Poughkeepsie, NY

Lourdes Rowing Association

Rowing is a synchronized endurance sport often referred to as the ULTIMATE TEAMWORK! When it looks like a boat is gliding effortlessly on the water, each and every rower has worked for hours perfecting technique, building endurance, and synchronizing every movement.

Lourdes Crew is open to all Our Lady of Lourdes students with an interest in rowing. Never rowed before? That is fine! You can join the team as a NOVICE rower.

Click here for the Lourdes Crew Information Presentation.

If you are interested in rowing, please email:  lourdesrowing@gmail.com

Lourdes Crew is managed and financed by the Lourdes Rowing Association (LRA). Parents of rowers are elected to the Board of Directors who make decisions on financing activities and costs associated with the sport.

LRA Board Members

Heidi Roman, President
Jacqueline McSpedon, Vice President
Sonia Roy, Secretary
Magda Marsh, Treasurer
Marie Altavilla, Communications
Andy Igoe, Member-at-large