“Truly a Broadway quality show,” announced Mrs. Merryman after the ensemble’s first performance on April 27th.  

The accolades continued coming from faculty, parents, students, and alumni…….  

~“Each night, they raised the bar a little higher.”  

~“This show was amazing! I have seen in on Broadway multiple times.  To see it at OLL, you could tell that these kids put the work in and left every ounce of themselves on that stage every night!  It was beautiful to see all of their hearts go into it.  Definitely made me feel all the ‘feels’!”

Tom Lawrence, who directed this year’s production remarked, “Pulling a show together takes the input and support of many people.  Here at Lourdes, that starts at the top with Mrs. Merryman. Her willingness to promote the arts with a total institutional commitment is an indication of her leadership here.  The support she has provided to me and to the cast is immeasurable, as has been the support of every faculty and staff member throughout the entire school community.  Parents also play a critical role in most everything here at Lourdes and their support of this show is no different.  The cast and crew of Godspell did a great job and I look forward to working with the entire Lourdes organization on future shows.”

A job well done!