Located in Newburgh, NY, both San Miguel and Nora Cronin, exist to educate the underserved middle school aged students in their communities.  In 2010, the opportunity for a Lourdes high school education was offered to the San Miguel boys, and two years later, we accepted our first group of girls from Nora Cronin.  Mrs. Merryman further states, “We are proud to nurture these young men and women, and foster their strengths and abilities.  As graduates, they have successfully navigated our rigorous curriculum and gone on to become successful in college and career.”

Current OLL students who attended San Miguel and Nora Cronin pose with Mrs. Merryman.Current OLL students who attended San Miguel and Nora Cronin pose with Mrs. Merryman.

“New memories get made every day”, comments Lourdes senior, DeWilliam Carter when discussing his experience as a Lourdes student.  DeWilliam, along with 29 other students in the 2017-2018 school year, are able to attend Lourdes as recipients of scholarships we offer to these schools.  Receiving a Lourdes education is not something any of these students take lightly.  Juniors, Annaleigh Fernandez and Leslie Mendoza both discuss the outstanding education they know they are receiving here. “If I did not attend Lourdes,” states Leslie, “I know I would not be as focused on school.”  Annaleigh emphasizes, “It is the structure, discipline, and uniform that also play into the experience here.”  DeWilliam and fellow senior, Nayib Portillo agree that Lourdes faculty inspire each of them to excel beyond their potential.  Nayib comments, “My English teachers really worked with me on improving my writing.”  Several faculty have served as mentors and both stated that “Since freshmen year, Mrs. Merryman has motivated and challenged us to be the best we can be.”

These students work very hard and all have dreams for their futures.  Leslie plans to become a surgical nurse, DeWilliam is interested in a career in International Maritime Trade and Annaleigh and Nayib both plan to study accounting.  These students are well aware of the advantages they have been afforded at Lourdes and have filled their schedules with college level and/or advanced placement courses.

“Under the guidance and leadership of our administration and faculty, Lourdes has given them a path to college and career,” remarks Mrs. Merryman.  “They have brightened our hallways, athletic teams and clubs and we are so proud to be a part of their dreams and success!”