Student government elections will take place on Monday, November 20th during homeroom.

The following candidates are on the slate and their campaigns are in full swing:

Grade 12 Executive Board
President - Brandon Hoolihan, Joshua Quinones
Vice President - Joseph Scaglione
Secretary - Christopher Salotto
Treasurer - William Riccardi

Grade 11
President - Eric Hawkinson, Emily Meluch, Albert Zhu
Vice President - Annaeliese Clark, Seamus Lyons, Ethan Romero

Grade 10
President - Timothy Leitch, Andrew Maguire, Amanda Romero
Vice President - Adrian D’Souza, Denver Kronk

Grade 9
President - Olivia McEntee, Cutter Quinn

Student government is a proactive, leadership opportunity for all grade levels to become involved in the school community.  Students involved in student government work towards creating activities and making decisions on behalf of the student body.