Each year, NHS chooses to participate in this annual project collecting shoeboxes packed with items for children ranging in age from 2 to 14. The boxes are then delivered to centralized locations where Samaritan’s Purse can then work to ship them to locations in over 100 countries worldwide. NHS moderator, JoAnne Accolla states, “This is an easy project for our community to be involved with, and one that our students enjoy. They get to see how just a little bit goes a long way.”

<font face="sans-serif">NHS students helped to pack <em>Operation Christmas Child</em> shoeboxes at Vassar Road Baptist Church. <br/>Left to right:  </font><font face="sans-serif">Sara Bucher, Mary Connor, Annaeliese Clark, Madeline Butts, </font>Morgan Hurst, and Leslie Mendoza.NHS students helped to pack Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes at Vassar Road Baptist Church. 
Left to right:  
Sara Bucher, Mary Connor, Annaeliese Clark, Madeline Butts, Morgan Hurst, and Leslie Mendoza.