This Ariana and Roberto pose after loading their car at the Krispy Kreme Factory Store.Ariana and Roberto pose after loading their car at the Krispy Kreme Factory Store.fundraiser was an idea that was sparked in Mr. Junjulas’ Western Philosophy class, and Ariana and Roberto quickly put together all the logistics to make it happen. Choosing the Miles of Hope Foundation as the benefactor of this effort was an easy choice for both of them as they each have family members who have been affected by cancer, and they wanted to help a local organization.
Raising over $1,500, Ariana and Roberto are truly thrilled with the success of this fundraiser.  Roberto attributes the tremendous support of the faculty, staff, and students for its success. “Krispy Kreme doughnuts are not readily accessible in this area, so it was an easy sell; however, it was much more wildly successful than I thought. To say there was a lot of enthusiasm is an understatement. Everyone was so eager and willing to help out.” 

Ariana further comments that “Krispy Kreme donuts make everyone happy and this is a great way to give back to the community in a way that will make everyone happy.” 

Ariana and Roberto would like to extend their thanks to Mrs.Merryman, Mr. and Mrs. Peterman, Mr. and Mrs. Leito, Mr. Krieger, Lourdes Maintenance and Main Office staff, Robert Berish, James Kasper, Katie Kennedy, Gian Capolino Tiana Porco, Guiliana Calogero, Kayla Sparling, Adams Fairacre Farms, and Dr. Vernon Peryea Office of Hopewell Eyecare for all their support.