With almost 90 students from Lourdes, Pawling High School, Poughkeepsie High School, and Spackenkill High School, Our Lady of Lourdes performed admirably. Some highlights from the night included:

  • The Lourdes A team came in 1st place out of the 17 teams present!!!  Our A team was composed of Raymond Aye, Seamus Gould, Kaleigh Hilal, Molly Xie, and Albert Zhu.
  • The Lourdes B team came in 5th out of the 17 teams present. The B team consisted of Theo DeGuzman, Alex Giangrasso, Yunjie Gong, Darren Horton and Pearl Oldiges. 
  • We would like to make a special mention of the following:
    • The Lourdes A team, which was the only team to answer the relay question correctly.
    • Yunjie Gong, who was only one of two students who answered question #6 correctly.
    • Raymond Aye and Albert Zhu who were two of only 6 students who answered question # 3 correctly. 

We thank our Math Team members for a wonderful regular season.  What a way to end our regular season with a wonderful win.

We look forward to our upcoming Sectionals competition and our States competition.  Go Lourdes!!

OLL Math Team Co-Chairs:  Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Sweeny