While many schools were participating in a “walkout” of their buildings, Lourdes chose to go this route.  In support of this national effort, Lourdes senior, Joe Scaglione, came up with the idea of a school-wide prayer service.  “Our goal, he states, “was to put it in the limelight and partake in the movement trying to make a change.”

Focused on the 17 victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, each of the SGA representatives took turns celebrating each victim beginning with 17 seconds of silence and then offering individual prayer intentions for each one. SGA President, Brandon Hoolihan states that “Very often in these type of events, you don’t know them as individuals.  By stating their names, ages and a personal story about each victim, it humanizes them, you understand them as people and it makes the event itself much more meaningful.” 

Lourdes Principal, Catherine Merryman, in full support of this initiative, remarked, “Our SGA had been discussing and preparing a fitting response to recent acts of violence in schools. The officers formed a panel discussion which resulted in a beautiful and fitting response to the call for action.  While our students feel passionate about the issue, they felt that a perfect response from our Catholic high school community would be to raise our voices in prayer.”

After the service, students and faculty were encouraged and positive about this moment.  Faculty member, Tony LaRocca commented that “This was a great way for our Student Government to be an advocate for change and lead our entire student body in supporting this issue.”  Lourdes students, Katie Manning and Jess Hamel both felt that the service was “perfect and very meaningful.” Jess went on to state, “I liked that we remembered the victims and their families today.  That made it real.”