On Thursday, April 12th, five Lourdes sophomores were provided the opportunity to participate in an engineering shadow day, hosted by IBM.

The program included a presentation from engineers discussing the various disciplines incorporating their personal experiences. The students toured a lab where they were shown how a computer chip is made for the IBM Z machines (mainframe) and showed them samples of silicon wafers. They met with an electrical engineer who was working on creating a new random number (RNG) to create more secure encryption software, they had open discussions with a computer engineer, and lastly, toured the large mainframe room.

Adrian D’Souza and Theodore Friedrich both thought it was an “awesome” day and experience. Theodore commented, “I already knew I wanted to be an engineer and this experience reinforced that I am heading in the right direction.” Adrian shared Theodore’s enthusiasm stating, “It was great!  I really enjoyed seeing them at their jobs. I am thinking about a career in computer science and this was a good chance to speak with the engineers personally.”