As we started our school day, Mrs. Merryman offered this prayer to the entire school in Father’s honor:

“We thank you for raising up men and women of faith to preach your Word and administer your Sacraments, especially we pray for Father Tom Lutz, our school chaplain. We honor him this day for 25 years of service to the church and contributions to our school. As we have come to know your goodness and love and be enriched in faith through him, grant that he may live continually in your presence, be steadfast in faith and know your love in such abundance as to continue to share it throughout our school.

Dear Lord Jesus, You have given us a holy priest in Father Tom Lutz. We are grateful for the many blessings of this good man who brings us your holy sacraments of salvation through his teaching and his service as chaplain to OLL.

Father Tom Lutz’s hands and prayers bring us your saving grace in the waters of baptism. Your infinite mercy in forgiving our sins and Your sustaining and saving grace in the most Holy Eucharist.

We pray that he will have a long life with which to bless Your Church. Just as Father (Tom) is there to anoint the dying, grant that he will receive the same grace at his death.

We beg You, Jesus, that this holy priest will be protected from all evil and that his fidelity to the Church and his faith in You will endure, unwavering, until the end.

Father in heaven, bless and multiply Father Tom’s ministry as chaplain of Our Lady of Lourdes High School so that Your Church will multiply for Your glory and for our salvation. Please shower this priest with your blessings every day.

We praise and thank You, most Holy God, for the gift of Father Tom! We thank You for his 25 years of service and ask You to bless us with many more years with our beloved priest.

We pray for an increase in vocations and for young men and women will open their hearts and minds to hear God’s call to serve him as priests and religious.


Congratulations Father Tom!  Your school community loves you!