This past weekend we had several Lourdeans participate in the NYSSMA Zone 10 Area All-State Festival at FDR High School in Hyde Park. This is an annual music festival which selects musicians from the entire region to perform as a wind ensemble, orchestra or chorus. These students are the best in the area, acceptance to the festival comes after attending the local Solo Festival and subsequent invitation by a selection committee to join other high school participants from the regional zone. This is followed by two days of rehearsals and culminates with a concert performance. This year, due to a snow cancellation, rehearsals were cut to one day making for a challenging limited rehearsal prior to the concert.
Our wind ensemble participators were, Oliva Burdash who plays the flute, William Cho who plays the alto saxophone, and William Davenport who plays the trombone. The choral participants were Kevin Alcoforado, Lin Rao, and Lillian Salazar. 
Congratulations to all participants, and well done on a spectacular performance!
William Cho, Olivia Burdash and William DavenportWilliam Cho, Olivia Burdash and William DavenportKevin Alcoforado, Lillian Salazar, and Lin RaoKevin Alcoforado, Lillian Salazar, and Lin Rao