The Lourdes Girls Varsity Tennis Team helped the St. Joseph’s Men’s Group on October 31, 2015 as their community service project. The girls arrived at St. Denis – St. Columba early that morning, ready to serve their community. The St. Joseph’s Men’s Group were building bunk beds for “Every Child Deserves a Bed”, and these girls were eager to help by staining wood boards needed to make the beds. “Every Child Deserves a Bed” began a few years ago to help Coptic Christians who were being persecuted. These Coptic Christians had to flee from their home country, Egypt, with nothing in their possession. Once they escaped persecution, these refugees shared small apartments with other Coptic Christians in New York City. The St. Joseph’s Men’s Group at St. Denis – St. Columba built and delivered bunk beds to these families so they could finally have a comfortable bed to sleep in. In addition, The St. Joseph’s Men’s Group delivered beds to clients of the Sisters of Life for babies to have a place to sleep. The Girls Varsity Tennis Team was very grateful for this opportunity to help this great cause and serve their community.