Lorraine Leitmann, Founder and Director of Dance Forever & Set The Stage Productions, LLC., reached out to our National Honor Society students for assistance with these classes and according to Leitmann, “Tiffany has volunteered for all ten classes of this Integrative Dance Program and even volunteered her time to help out at the Arlington School District Special Education PTA event on December 8th. As volunteers, we taught these special dancers a piece from the Nutcracker.”

Leitmann’s dance company is a member of the Wingman for Dance organization. “We strive to instill kindness, acceptance & dedication in all our dance students through our teaching and example,” says Leitmann. “Tiffany embodies this, so we nominated her to become a Wingman for Dance during this past dance class. Tiffany has learned how to support these very special dancers & encourage them.  They look forward to seeing her weekly, as do I, and she always arrives early, with a giant smile that lasts all class long. She even assists with getting the room ready and tidying up after the class is over. She is truly an amazing young woman and Our Lady Lourdes High School should be very proud of her volunteering to help others.”

Thrilled to have had this opportunity, Tiffany comments,  “I love working with the kids. Their smiles and laughter show me how much Dance Forever and I are making a positive impact on their lives. I’m also so grateful for Lorraine and Ashley because they provided the children and me with an amazing experience we will always remember.”

Tiffany will continue to work with this group when their second session of Integrative Dance classes begin in January.