Organized by the office of the Secretary of the Senate - New York State Senate, Frank Patience, the group was treated to a special tour which consisted of the history of the capitol building itself, standing below the “million dollar staircase” that showcases the entire building, viewing of historical artifacts, visiting the Assembly room where the state assembly sits and the Senate Chambers where the students were allowed to sit in the senators’ seats on the Senate floor. A highlight of the day came when Senator Sue Serino arrived to say hello to the group and talk with them.

Students pose with Mr. LaRocca during the tour.Students pose with Mr. LaRocca during the tour.After having some free time to roam the concourse, the visit in total took about four hours. Senior, Jordan Graham commented that “It was a great day and likely a once in a lifetime experience.” College government teacher, Mr. Tony LaRocca plans these visits “to allow students to be able to touch and get involved with their government in a very personal way. Because of this particular trip, the students were able to physically feel the importance of what their lawmakers do. It’s one aspect to understand how a bill becomes a law, but it’s another to see where it happens.”

Mr. LaRocca would also like to make students aware that internships are available for college students. If interested, please contact him at for more information.