Mrs. Murphy’s Applied Mathematics class combined engineering and mathematics to build bridges using only toothpicks and glue for their midterm project. Teams of three students were tasked with researching, designing, and building bridges to meet certain criteria such as span length and ability to support weight. 

In an exciting completion of the project, the bridges were put to the test by applying weight until they no longer maintained their structural integrity (either bowing too much or breaking). The strongest bridge was able to support a whopping 22 lbs, nearly 125 times the weight of the actual bridge, before breaking!

The two teams with the strongest bridges are Spencer Surico, Max Lueck, Trevor Arnone, Leo Reis-Larson, Mateus dos Santos, and Briana Crawley and received “bridge awards.”

The class contains Tanner Broughton, Mateus dos Santos, Vincent Van Voorhis, Dylan Pirozek, Nick Timm, Dylan McEntee, Brianna Crawley, Max Kras, Shirley Cordova, Ben Gomez, Leo Reis-Larson, Trevor Arnone, Spencer Surico, Ethan Molina, Alex Vescio, Mark Seegler, Max Lueck, Nick Petramale, Greg Powell, and Lauryn Kelly.