Rob Ranieri ’87
Rob Ranieri is currently the Senior Vice President, at Rose & Kiernan, Inc. He feels that his Catholic faith and education have provided an excellent structure for his career. The combination of faith, love, and discipline were just the frameworks he needed to achieve and succeed and most certainly helped him reach many goals. Educators such as Brother Simeon, Fr. Dibble, and Brian Tervenski have helped to shape his everyday being, teaching him the essence of Catholic education:
                                                             To Know, Love and Serve! 
Ilene Cooke ’76       

Ilene Cooke is currently the Senior Executive Assistant to the President of Vassar College. Her Catholic education has helped her career success in multiple ways. By always having a positive attitude, doing the right thing, working hard, helping others, going out of her way to move above and beyond for a greater cause than herself has helped her excel in her career. This can-do attitude helped place her in positions where she could help others. Her faith has allowed her to believe and has shown her that with every challenge she has faced, a new door would open to bringing her to another level. With each new day, she recognizes that being grateful and thankful is a direct result of having been given a Catholic education. This has taught her to face adversity with a positive attitude, and that giving of herself through volunteering is empowering. As she reflects on her life, “my Catholic education is responsible for the light and warmth that are part of who I am.”