Benjamin Bullock: Grade 11

Benjamin began his schooling in the Newburgh CSD and then transferred to Lourdes during his Sophomore year. At Lourdes Ben plays for the varsity basketball team and is a part of the National Honor Society. Outside of school, he plays for his local AAU basketball team and is a member of the Solid Rock Church of God youth group. At first being at Lourdes was a “culture shock” for him until he realized how much he could benefit from being here. He feels that the teachers really push you to do your best work as well as make sure they get to know you on a personal level. While only being at Lourdes for a little over a year he has made many friends and memories, and he’s looking forward to his senior year. He feels that his parents want the best for him after high school and he knows that through attending Lourdes it will help him along the way. 

Emma Hall: Grade 10

Before attending Lourdes Emma went to St. Martin de Porres. While at school she participates in the drama club, photography club, and the Spanish club. Outside of school, she is a member of Girl Scouts. She believes that attending a Catholic school is an important way to grow in her faith and education. She feels proud to be a part of such a wonderful community. She believes that the teachers, staff, and her fellow students have impacted her life in such an important way. In addition, her school family has continued her learning of faith and they make every day a fun adventure to look forward to.

Robert Polidoro: Grade 10

Robert began middle school at Wappingers Jr. High and then transferred to St. Denis-St. Columba before attending Lourdes. He is currently on the wrestling team and in the drama club. Outside of school, he attends Star2B Performing Arts for students who are interested in the theatre arts. Attending a Catholic school was a positive change for him. He feels that the academics are challenging, but socially he is always at ease. He doesn’t have to worry about what shirts to wear, or what shoes are “cool enough,” and feels this is one of the many things that contribute to the positive atmosphere. Attending Lourdes has helped him find joy in school. He believes that all clubs are top notch, everyone cares, and overall he finds himself more relaxed, and stress-free knowing he’s a student of Lourdes.

Krista Solcum: Grade 12

Krista attended middle school at Union Vale. At Lourdes, she is a member of the pro-life club, future entrepreneur club, and is on the softball team. She feels that at Lourdes the students and the staff make you feel welcomed. The environment is so positive and the people working here try to bring the best out of you academically and socially. She feels that coming to Lourdes was the best decision for her. As she gets ready to graduate, Krista is excited with the college acceptances she is currently pondering and credits her Lourdes education for these opportunities.