Charles Van Nostrand Award – Aiden Laux
Charlie Van Nostrand was an English teacher and football coach during the mid to late 1970s. He was well-known and loved for his humor and caring nature. Charlie played football at Poughkeepsie High School and Marist College.  He loved the game and became the Varsity line coach in 1974 at OLL. Coach Van especially loved coaching players who worked to reach their maximum potential. These players weren’t necessarily the biggest, strongest, and fastest, but rather were the most dedicated to the team and hard work. This award was created in Charlie’s memory by his family after his death in 1984. It was awarded to the type of athlete described above and the kind of player and person Charlie was.

Dr. Edward Bastian Memorial Scholarship – Ashley Seymour
This is awarded to a female basketball player in her junior year. Dr. Bastian had a very close and unique relationship with the girls’ basketball team in the 1980s and the relationship between his family and current teams remains strong.  The recipient of this award is someone who best represents the Christian fiber, courage, and character that Dr. Edward Bastian displayed throughout his life and fight against cancer.

The Ashleigh Riehl “Heart of A Champion” Award – Maggie Bubel, Grace O’Connor, and Albert Zhu
This award is given to one male and one female Varsity tennis player or swimmer who exhibits the qualities of sportsmanship, dedication, determination, and team spirit.  Ashleigh, of the class of 2002, was a three-year member of the tennis team and swim team before her premature passing in the spring of her junior year. During her three years at OLL she lived, worked and played with intensity and integrity.  Her love for life was contagious, as was her fun-loving spirit.  Her involvement in the community as a youth swim coach helped countless young people to develop a love for the sport. Ashleigh was a team player who led by example and brought out the best in others. She had a deep love for her family and friends and was well respected by all who knew her.  This award is a tribute to Ashleigh’s solid character, exemplary work ethic, and team spirit.

The Elizabeth “Lizzie” Miller Memorial Award – Eleanor Bolander
The Lizzie Miller Memorial Award is given to a Varsity athlete who best exemplifies Lizzie’s optimistic outlook on life and how that optimism defined her as an athlete.  In Lizzie’s words, “Optimism is the greatest tool to living a great life.”  She would always help and support her teammates, most times simply with a smile and an encouraging word. Being part of a team, putting in the practice time, and giving it her best in competition is what Lizzie enjoyed the most.  Optimism is the quality that she applied to not only sports, but to all aspects of her life, and it is part of her legacy that she would hope we would all incorporate in our lives. Lizzie, Class of 2008, was a four-year member of the Girls Swim Team from 2004 -2008. Lizzie’s specialty was the 500-yard distance race.  Lizzie completed her freshmen year at Loyola University Maryland, where she swam distance events.  She was studying to get a degree in the health field.  The Lourdes community lost a vibrant member of the OLL alumni community upon Lizzie’s passing in June 2009.

Sportsmanship Award – Maeve Connolly and Chris DiMeglio
One for the senior female and one for the senior male who best exemplifies the Christian Values and Sportsmanship expected in the Our Lady of Lourdes Athletic Program.

Team Sportsmanship – Varsity Softball
Awarded to the team that best exemplifies the Christian values expected in the Our Lady of Lourdes Athletic Program and in the sports community in which our teams participate.

Lourdean Athletic Award - Emily Meluch and Tom Seipp
Given to a male and female varsity athlete who has shown exceptional character in the virtues of spirituality, academic integrity, and athletic excellence.

Scholar-Athlete of the Year – Colleen Shea and George Siegrist
One for the senior female and one for the senior male at Lourdes with outstanding achievements both in the classroom and on the athletic field.

Athlete of the Year – Clare Bosse and Jaheim Jones
One for the senior female and one for the senior male at Lourdes with outstanding athletic achievements.

A wonderful night.  Congratulations to all our varsity athletes!