Although the forecast for bad weather was gloomy, almost 90 golfers arrived at McCann Memorial Golf Course with smiles and rain gear ready to take on the day. It was divine intervention however that brought clear skies and even sunshine by the time everyone teed off at 1 pm.  

The spirit, pride, and generosity of the Lourdes community were clearly on display that afternoon and into the evening as 200 guests joined us at Christos during the induction ceremony of the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Thank you to Father Robert McKeon ’82 for providing the invocation, Mrs. Merryman for her remarks and ongoing support of this event and our emcee for the evening and the past eight years, Rob Ranieri ’87!

Congratulations to this year’s honorees:
1983 Football Team
Christina Henry Allen ’96
Anthony Antenucci ’64 (posthumously)
Christina DeStefano Baglio ’07
Joseph Bubel ’86
Christopher Esposito ’84
Sean Gordon ’87 (posthumously)
Susan Riordan Halbedel ’72
Ruth Ann Carey Hrebenach ’82
Bernard Lombardi
Thomas McKiernan ’86

Finally, special thanks to our sponsors, prize donors, and our hard-working HOF committee members for making this event the outstanding success it is each and every year. We are truly grateful for your support!

Looking forward to 2020!