As a start to this two-day orientation, Father Michael Connolly from St. Columba Parish celebrated Mass for the entire administration, faculty, and staff in celebration of the Memorial St. Gregory the Great. We are especially happy to announce that Father has committed to being at the school on a regular basis to serve as a chaplain for our school.

After Mass, Mrs. Merryman, entering her sixth year as Principal, encouraged our faculty and staff to remain united in the focus and commitment to our mission remarking, “Our students are yearning for a faith-filled environment, particularly in today’s world.”

Faculty spent much of the time preparing for the arrival of students with department meetings, presentations, and workshops. One of the workshops included a session on the use of PlayPosit, which will now be available. According to Mrs. Meghan Vilardo, “PlayPosit is a digital tool that enhances interactive instruction. It supports visual learners as they are able to watch videos that reinforce the information that they learn in class and assesses their knowledge by allowing them to answer questions embedded into the videos. This is a great tool for teachers to collect data regarding student retention of information.”

New computers were installed throughout the building this summer, and this year, ALL students will now have a Chrome book in their possession. In addition, look for enhanced changes coming to the school’s Media Center.

We are pleased to welcome the following new faculty:

Rachel Crittenden - Religion Department
Zachary Crittenden - Fine Arts Department
Kim Knauf - Science Department
Kelly Patterson - School Counseling
Matthew Tarby - Mathematics Department
John Tumminia - Religion Department

We look forward to a wonderful 2019-2020 school year!