In his homily, Father reminded our students that we have many goals beyond academics within this building. He encouraged students “not to be shy about talking about Jesus, and to take notice where you see God in your life. Ultimately, it’s about deepening our relationship with God.”

Father Connolly will serve as School Chaplain for our school this year, and will work very closely with Mr. Herles who takes over as our Campus Minister. Father will be in the building on a regular basis and looks forward to getting to know our students and faculty. Mr. Herles has started a Campus Ministry club for students who will now be responsible for all school Masses. “They will learn and conduct full set-up,” he says, “the in’s and out’s and understand the finer points and details of the Mass. It is really about them (students); this morning I was overseeing, but it was these students who put it all together.”

We look forward to seeing more of our students engaged in this very important mission of our school!