Student Government Representatives 2019-2020Row 1: Lia Keenan, Lydia Vigne, Carrick Sculley, Hayd...

Student Government Representatives 2019-2020
Row 1: Lia Keenan, Lydia Vigne, Carrick Sculley, Hayden McElduff, Ellie Keating, Brian Sayah
Row 2: Gavin Bottjer, Matthew Krauza, Ryan Forrester, Joseph Carlini.

Congratulations to all our new officers.  I would like to welcome all the participants in this election to attend our Student Government meetings.

9th grade
President:  Matthew Krauza
Vice-president:  Ryan Forrester
10th grade
President:  Brian Sayah
Vice-president: Joseph Carlini
11th grade
President: Lia Keenan 
Vice-president: Gavin Bottjer
12th grade
President: Hayden McElduff 
Vice-president: Carrick Sculley
Secretary: Lydia Vigne
Treasurer:  Ellie Keating