Installation of the stations in action.According to Anthony, “This project was primarily carried out to benefit current and future Lourdeans. The fourteen stations were put in with volunteer labor, which was much appreciated during this chaotic time.”  Thrilled with this addition to our campus, Mrs. Merryman remarked, “It was providential that Anthony should install the Stations of the Cross coincident with the Lenten season and a national health crisis.  Hopefully, this display serves as a rallying point for our faith community and an example for future community service.”

Pleased with the finished product, Anthony stated, “It is my hope this display stands for many years so that it may enhance the religious learning of many others after me. I also hope it inspires others to take the initiative of beautifying the school, as it is our home.”

Great job Anthony!  We all cannot wait to all get back to school to view the finished product!