These students represent a wonderful and outstanding senior class who we are very proud of. 

The Our Lady of Lourdes Faculty Award is the highest honor the faculty and administration can bestow on a graduate. The award recognizes the young men and women who, in their estimation best exemplify the qualities and characteristics professed by our school’s philosophy which include credentials such as scholarship, leadership, personality, spirituality, judgment, and optimism.
The recipients are elected by ballot among the staff and the winner is known only at the moment that the award is bestowed at Graduation. 
We are very proud of all our Lourdeans who are graduating this year, and although only one award is given to a senior boy and senior girl, all are honored and recognized by the nomination.


Paloma Bellizzi Paloma Bellizzi Theodore DeGuzman Theodore DeGuzman Dominic DeRocha Dominic DeRocha Adrian D'Souza Adrian D'Souza Kayleigh Goebelbecker Kayleigh Goebelbecker Cassidy Millott Cassidy Millott Anthony Perpetua Anthony Perpetua Amanda Romero Amanda Romero