The Gold Award is the highest award in Girl Scouts and requires a minimum of 80 service and leadership hours. According to Stephanie, “The mural is the original work that I designed and painted on five different wood panels and donated to Our Lady of Lourdes. It is now displayed on a wall on the third floor of the building. This project had to be one that impacted the community for years to come, so I chose to give it to Our Lady of Lourdes so that everyone (administration, faculty, staff, visitors to the school, and future generations of Lourdeans) could experience the joy through the religious representation of the Cross. I named it “The Greatest Love” to depict Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and his undying love for each and every one of us.”  Lourdes Principal, Catherine Merryman commends Stephanie’s work remarking, “Along with being an exceptional student, Stephanie is a talented artist and we are humbled to host her work here at school for years to come. The idea that she chose to name this in honor of Jesus’ work is a shining example of all that we aspire to instill here in our students. Stephanie is a remarkable representation of a Lourdean!”

For the leadership aspect of her project, Stephanie conducted virtual art classes for younger Girl Scouts from Holy Trinity Parish. “I was initially planning on hosting these classes in person for the girls. However, because of Covid-19, that was not possible. I held them virtually to teach the girls, and in addition, incorporated community outreach to medical professionals to thank them for their continued hard work during this pandemic,” Stephanie commented. She showed the girls step by step how to draw several pictures and taught them how to design and make pop-up cards for medical professionals that work at various hospitals.

See below some samples of the cards created.  Well done Stephanie!