Congratulations sophomore Gabriella DeGuzman on receiving an honorable mention award in the prestigious 2020 Ocean Awareness Contest.  The contest is sponsored by Bow Seat Ocean Awareness, an organization dedicated to empowering youth to connect, create and communicate for our planet. This contest is open to all teens worldwide and is a platform for young people to learn about environmental issues through creative media, and become advocates for positive change in our environment.

Gabriella wrote a beautiful, haunting poem, A Mermaid’s Song, that focused on the hope in the future of our climate crisis. The entire Lourdean community is proud to have such a talented, articulate young lady in our school.  

A Mermaid’s Song - Gabriella DeGuzman

Above the great dark shining sea

Wretch the endless cries of man’s daily toil

I wish they would cry, not for themselves

But my dying world left in their moil

Here below the shining surface

Lie my sisters of song suffocated by garbage

I cry for aid, for an end of destruction

But nothing can conclude perpetual damage

Above, the distorted sun shines the sea

A hand reaching through, grasping for mine

Will they help us? Can they be trusted?

Are we able to save our world in time?

Through the shining surface I rise

Coming face to face, not with man but child

“I’ll save us all, there is hope,” she weeps

Perhaps she’s right, let’s not watch doom run wild

“New things above your shining sea

More trees, more air, less poisons—you’ll see

Wind power, solar panels, I promise,” says she

“Hope for a world for you and me.

To read Gabriella’s reflection on her poem and learn more about this contest,  visit the Ocean Awareness website.