The course content includes engineering fundamentals, the language of engineering, engineering materials, and design, and the relationship between engineering and mathematics. Students are also introduced specifically to Utility Engineering; the design, implementation, and maintenance of distribution circuits in the Electric Utility industry.

During a recent in-class assignment, students were challenged to discuss a redesign of the current Lourdes campus on Boardman Road.  As many can imagine there were some interesting responses. Please enjoy a select three from our engineering students:

Challenge:  When Our Lady of Lourdes High School moved from their prior site in Poughkeepsie, they moved into an existing facility previously owned by IBM.  The school adapted the existing building and surrounding parking lots & land for use as a school.  

There are always limitations when incorporating an existing building.  Pretend that you are the architect/engineer and that instead of an existing building, parking lots, and no AAC or multi-use Field, you could design an “Our Lady of Lourdes” complex from the ground up.  

What would you change, remove, add, etc?  Remember the amount of land is the same (no bulldozing the back hill!), and no building can be more than 3 stories high.  Be innovative but realistic.  

Quinn Close, Lourdes Senior:   “If I were given the option to redesign, I would put the OLL building where the football field is, as well as add another entrance to the parking area. The football field would reside where the current building is, and the secondary parking lot would be converted into a baseball diamond. The new building would make more efficient usage of space, using a simple block structure rather than wasting space with a courtyard, and the original courtyard would become a swimming pool area. The weight room/gym would take the entire basement, and the third floor would be the science area, with large complex labs. The second and first floors would be devoted to the current classes they are. Finally, the roof would be renovated for use as outdoor seating, so if one desired they could eat lunch or even host events there.”

Caroline D’Addio, Lourdes Senior:  “If I was designing the school from the ground up, I would probably keep the basic U shape, but I would make the west wing way shorter. This is so when students and teachers needed to go from one side of the building to the other, there wouldn’t be a super long hallway to walk through. I would extend the balcony in the cafeteria to make it bigger and I would have a much bigger auditorium in the free space in the back. I would connect it with a hallway that connects to the doors at the end of the freshman hallway that is glass and looks at the balcony. The current auditorium would be changed to a room for kids to go to if they have study halls or if they need a quiet space to do homework after school, instead of doing it in the cafeteria. I would probably make the small gym into a computer lab or into something useful that the school needs. I would keep the football field and the big gym the same, but I would add more bleachers onto the right side of the field. I would also create a garage in the very back of the parking lot for the Lourdes busses.”

Griffon Hold, Lourdes Senior:  “We will change the building from its current ‘U’ shape to more of a square shape, allowing for easier travel between the two wings with two connections between the wings instead of one. In the courtyard, we could build a chapel or a small church, with a walkway extending from west to east connecting to the chapel on either side. We need a baseball diamond, so the north-side parking lot will be converted into one. To make up for the loss of parking spaces, we will have to pave a new lot on the hill. As for the football field, we have more space on the other side of the field for more bleachers. In the small space just north of the field, we need a 60-foot high American flag.”