Arriving refreshed and rejuvenated from summer vacation, the Our Lady of Lourdes High School faculty came together on Tuesday, September 7th in preparation for the school year ahead.

OLL Chaplain, Father Connolly celebrated Mass for the entire administration, faculty, and staff to begin the day.  His message that “God is Here Always” inspires his year-long theme for our entire community. A beautiful start to our school year!

In her new role as President, Mrs. Merryman, praised the efforts of faculty and administrators as they navigated what she called “one of the most tumultuous years in recent school history.”  Looking ahead to the 2021-22 school year, she reminded all that “our mission is unique and powerful and our faith calls us to be beacons and powers of example to our students. In addition, we need to focus on our place in Catholic education and we must continue to remain unified in our mission in promoting all that we do here. Under our new leadership model, we are ready to do great things and bring Our Lady of Lourdes High School to a new level.”

Addressing the faculty and staff for the first time as Principal Mrs. Vilardo reiterated all that Father Connolly and Mrs. Merryman noted, stating the following in an excerpt from her message:

We are confident that this will be a great school year. We say this most of ALL because we serve the most incredible faculty and staff. Over the course of the last year and a half, the staff were challenged to market us and support our drastic shift to digital instruction. They kept us relevant, fresh at a time when people had their eyes on us wondering what we’d were going to do next. We have a faculty that was asked to teach in the most imaginable way possible and for a year and a half made it look effortless.

We are confident it is going to be a great year because we are all going to work as a unified force to combat another unprecedented year because if last year didn’t break us, let’s be honest, that’s about as tough as it gets.

We are confident this is going to be a great year. Because we have 13 new members of our faculty and staff, each of them hand-picked for their levels of expertise, skill and professionalism. We know each of them will bring something truly special to our school and we are looking forward to seeing you all welcome them, mentor them and help them along their journey. You all have a lot of wisdom to offer.

We are confident it is going to be a great year because we are Lourdes.
We have Christ in our building.
We have the best student body.
We have a top-notch faculty and staff.
We have sports back, art back, music back, theatre back, News and Views, Spanish club…the list goes on.

So in case you were wondering what we thought about the 2021/2022 school year, we are confident it is going to be a great year.”

Thank you to Mrs. Merryman, Mrs. Vilardo and Father Connolly for setting the tone for a “great year” ahead!

We welcome the following new faculty for the 2021-2022 school year:

Ms. Emma Alles – Religion Department
Ms. Meggan Barlow – Science Department
Mr. John Cassidy – Mathematics Department
Mr. Charles Chapman – Science Department
Ms. Maria Clavin - LOTE Department
Rev. Michael Connolly – Chaplain & Religion Department
Mr. Thomas Formicola – Teacher Assistant
Mr. Thomas Forr -  Religion Department
Ms. Jaclyn Hafer – Physical Education Department
Mrs. Rebecca Imperati – Physical Education Department
Mr. Douglas Matthews – Social Studies Department
Mr. Alfred Nowak – Fine Arts Department
Ms. Marica Sadutto – LOTE Department