Mr. Hansen, who is also the Athletic Trainer for all of the Lourdes JV and Varsity teams, is currently testing his 34 students on their skill set for administering CPR on adult CPR dummies. Once they pass the test, they will be certified to administer CPR for two years. “Certifying so many students each year is so important,” comments Mr. Hansen. “If they plan to engage in a healthcare career in college, they are getting a jump start by taking this class. Also, for those students who are moving into different fields, knowing CPR is a benefit to themselves and the community. It’s a great feeling knowing there are 60 or more students each year who become CPR certified,” said Mr. Hansen.

The class also explores the various health science career pathways and the roles of different members of the healthcare team. Students will explore the history of medicine as well as current trends and engage in projects and discussions related to medical law and medical ethics.

Mr. Hansen is a very familiar face to the athletes at Lourdes. His work as the Athletic Trainer means he assists all of the Varsity and JV teams at games, in the fitness center, and in our new state-of-the-art athletic training office complete with both hot and cold hydrotherapy tubs, stretching tables, and much more. His wealth of knowledge and experience includes:

  • B.S. in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training
  • B.S. Psychology
  • NYS Licensed Athletic Trainer
  • Certified Red Cross Instructor
  • Certified COVID Tracer
  • Certified Psychological First Aid