Project-Based Learning is a dynamic, inquiry-based classroom approach in which students gain important knowledge, skills, and understandings by investigating open-ended questions. Project-based learning requires critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity and helps to develop the skills required for success in college, careers, and beyond. In this session, the OLL faculty learned the fundamentals of project-based learning and work to develop engaging classroom projects. In addition, they were able to explore the components of project-based learning and understand how project-based learning helps to develop 21st-century skills.

The Effective Classroom Management workshop discussed how creating a safe and positive classroom environment is critical for students’ social, emotional, and academic success. Proactively and explicitly building a culture of high expectations, respect, and shared values sets the tone for a collaborative classroom and protects both teachers’ and students’ rights. This workshop helped the teachers create an effective plan for classroom management that will set the stage for a successful year for all stakeholders as well as understand the factors that contribute to effective classroom management. They were able to explore the relationships among philosophies, beliefs, values, and behavior, learn strategies for establishing a positive classroom environment, and prevent behavior problems.

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