Ava Biamonte, a Junior at Our Lady of Lourdes, participated in the MH-YES summer internship at the Cary Institute (https://www.caryinstitute.org/eco-inquiry/mid-hudson-yes-program/mh-yes-students). This is a selective, research-based environmental science program hosted by the Cary Institute and Marist College.

Ava was proud to represent Lourdes this summer. She stated, “Along with students from local high schools, I worked with environmental scientists and educators on research in the field and lab. I sampled water and soil from local sites for laboratory study and analysis while researching the ecology of the Hudson Valley. The MH-YES program’s diversity and immersion are among its best features. Students are surrounded by motivated, hard-working individuals and are instructed by knowledgeable undergraduate students and Cary Institute staff. Students are given the chance to participate in engaging activities that might not be accessible elsewhere; hands-on activities such as gathering waterlife to study and analyzing them broaden the horizons and expand the knowledge of students. This versatile summer program is both memorable and educational.”

Thank you, Ava, for sharing this wonderful summer experience with us!