Jane’s brothers, Jim ’70 and Tom ’75, along with Jim’s daughter and Tom’s niece, Liz, attended the blessing and dedication. The day began with a school-wide liturgy for the Feast of the Our Lady of the Rosary that included many of the school’s benefactors. Jane’s longtime friends Sara Rappleyea Johnson ’80 and Amy Prisco-Ring ’86 also made the trip to be a part of this moment. After Father Connolly celebrated Mass, invited guests attended this blessing and dedication and then enjoyed each other’s company during a Benefactor’s Reception.

This new center has been created to provide a safe area for those students who are overwhelmed with the fast-paced and pressure-filled experience of high school. Jane’s Healing Heart, Mind & Soul Center will offer an area of contemplation for students to slow down their minds, bodies, and souls and focus calmly on their breathing and well-being. This space will assist in alleviating anxiety, worry, and concern throughout the school day. This center will also provide a comfortable area that is designed to include all of the tools that have been researched by mental health care professionals to reduce daily stressors.

About a year ago, the Powers Family was looking for a meaningful way to honor their sister Jane, a heart recipient who passed away in August 2021. At the dedication, Jane’s brother, Jim spoke about Jane and the person she was, stating, “Jane absolutely enjoyed her time at Lourdes and the lifetime friendships she made. After relocating to Arizona, she was diagnosed with congenital heart issues and ultimately was the recipient of a heart transplant.” According to Jim, “Jane, a very active volunteer for the American Heart Association, passed peacefully, still optimistic, strong-spirited, and thinking of others every step of the way! Jane faced stress, anxiety, and moments of depression, but always connected with others for support and continued to believe in a better tomorrow.”

Message from Jim Powers on behalf of the entire Powers Family

“It is our hope that this program will be received by students on two levels:

1. For those facing a challenging time: Gratitude for their faith, trust in their individual strength, and the available spiritual, professional, and overall well-being that will help them get through the bumps along life’s unfolding path.

2. For those enjoying a 5-Star day (and they will): a visit for a moment of reflection, appreciation, and reminder that when they too face a challenge (and they will), the resources are in place to help.

On behalf of Tom and our entire family, especially Jane’s nieces and nephews, with Liz representing the dispersed clan, we very much appreciate the opportunity to offer our support for this program. Our best thoughts to all who find peace and solace here.”

Lourdes Principal, Meghan Vilardo further commented during the dedication, “Thank you for making this space a reality for our students. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for your thoughtfulness and dedication to this project and are honored to put your sister Jane’s name on this much-needed resource.”