The awards are given annually to 40 individuals under 40 who have shown a strong commitment to the Hudson Valley and are selected based on their professional and community achievements.

Look on the fields, courts and health & wellness center at Lourdes to find Mr. Hansen working tirelessly with all our athletes, during practices and games. His smile, energy and positive attitude never waver as he works with the students. His training at Kings College, where he earned a B.S. in Sports Medicine and a B.S. in Psychology along with his experience as an Athletic Trainer for many years, affords Lourdeans the best care. He oversees athlete rehabilitation, coordinates weight room workouts, and monitors athletes in all aspects of their training and competition play. Ask any of our Lourdeans who have worked with Mr. Hansen they would tell you he is the GOAT!

In addition to his Athletic Trainer responsibilities, Miles teaches Health Sciences and Strength Training Classes during the school day. He also collaborates with Marist College, supervising and mentoring interns as part of their program. Very often he hosts more than one at a time and he provides them with much-needed hands-on experience and an overall picture of this occupation and where it can take them. He is an excellent role model and educator for these interns.

.A husband to Danielle and father to two boys, Peyton and Parker, it is a wonder how he finds time for the community service projects on his agenda. His top two are Habitat for Humanity and Community Matters 2. Volunteering at Habitat, he has been part of the selection committee to evaluate the applicants in need of a new home. The number of families in need far exceeds the available homes, so the committee is tasked with researching the many candidates before voting on the family who will be chosen to receive their new home.
Community Matters 2, a grassroots agency in the city of Poughkeepsie, has the mission of fostering connections between local Poughkeepsie organizations in order to take pride in their neighborhoods and to focus on the young generation. Miles assists in their events, as recently demonstrated on Earth Day last weekend when several Lourdean teams, teachers and administration participated in a community clean-up day.
“Miles is a person who has clear visions and fierce determination. I nominated him for this prestigious 40 Under 40 award knowing how he has improved and developed our athletic programs since coming to Lourdes,” said Catherine Merryman, President at Our Lady of Lourdes. “He is a passionate professional who motivates student-athletes, coaches, and anyone in his presence to be the best that they can be. His passion for the healthcare profession is inspiring and his personal approach to each and every day has a palpable effect on others. We are so blessed and proud to have Miles in our Lourdean family.”