Touch Street

Mr. Luke Timm, OLL class of ’16, and Mr. John Timm are two Poughkeepsie natives who specialize in helping high school students become the best versions of themselves. At only 24 years of age, these passionate speakers have completed over 20 speaking engagements and have impacted over 1,000 lives with their program. Luke and John are professionally trained life coaches who assist young people in learning how to identify, implement, and measure positive change in their lives.

During this presentation, students gained hands-on experience working through examples of real-life situations that could potentially create adversity in their life. They were provided strategies on how to formulate plans to manage and tackle these scenarios in order to become active problem solvers and individuals who search for solutions in life rather than being part of toxic environments. In addition to these important life skills, the students were provided with tools to identify personal goals and will be well equipped with an arsenal to continue to control life even when they may fall into a state of decline or feel stuck in their current mindset.

Touch Streets is a program that is intended for those who may be struggling with anxiety or depression, grappling with committing to healthy habits, overcoming fears and frustrations, or encountering significant life transitions.