Boys Soccer Coach Roy Kievit was named Coach of the Year. More than 450 were in attendance as we honored each of our varsity athletes from all three sports seasons. Each athlete received their varsity pin and was recognized by their coaches, with each team naming “distinguished athletes” - Most Valuable Player and the Coach’s Award.
Awards were also given for the following prestigious achievements in athletics:

Ashley Riehl “Heart of a Champion” Award - Adjoua Kirton and Ned Van Loan
This award is presented in honor of Ashley Riehl (Class of 2022) who was a three-year member of the tennis and swim programs before her premature passing in the spring of her junior year. During her three years at Lourdes, she lived, worked, and played with intensity and integrity. She was a team player who led by example and brought out the best in others. Ashleigh had a deep love for her family and friends and was well respected by all who knew her. The award is a tribute to Ashleigh’s solid character, exemplary work ethic, and team spirit. This award is presented to one male and one female Varsity tennis player or swimmer who exhibits the qualities of sportsmanship, dedication, determination, and team spirit.

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Miller Award - Olivia Evans
The Elizabeth “Lizzie” Miller Memorial Award is presented in honor of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Miller (Class of 2008) who was a four-year member of the Girls Swim program from 2004-2008. Lourdes lost a vibrant member of the alumni community upon Lizzie’s passing in June 2009 and this award carries on her spirit. Lizzie had an optimistic outlook on life and optimism defined her as an athlete. In Lizzie’s words, “Optimism is the greatest tool to living a great life.” She would always help and support her teammates, most times simply with a smile and an encouraging word. Being part of a team, putting in the practice time, and giving it her all in competition is what Lizzie enjoyed the most. This award is presented to a senior Varsity athlete who best exemplifies Lizzie’s spirit of optimism, in life and athletics, and the support she showed as a Lourdean student-athlete.

MHAL Scholar-Athlete Award - Isabella Cho and Eric Darrow
The Mid-Hudson Athletic League Scholar-Athlete Award is presented to two seniors from each member institution. The award honors student-athletes who have not only chosen to show their dedication to athletics, but have excelled in the classroom, extracurricular activities, and volunteered throughout their high school careers.

Charles Van Norstand Award - Dylan Jorgensen
This award was created by the Van Nostrand family to carry on the legacy of Charles Van Nostrand after he passed in 1984. Charles was an English teacher and football coach during the mid to late 1970’s. Coach Van Nostrand especially loved coaching players who worked to reach their maximum potential. These players weren’t necessarily the biggest, strongest, and fastest, but were rather the most dedicated to the team and hard work. This award carries on Charles’ spirit at Lourdes and is presented to a senior football player.

Warrior Award - Isabella Colabatistto and James Lakatosh
The Warrior Award is in place to honor one male and one female senior athlete who exemplifies what it means to be a Lourdes Warrior. These individuals have demonstrated qualities of determination, respect, sportsmanship, leadership, and overall make us proud to know they wear the blue and gold with pride.

Athlete of the Year - Grace Morra and Matthew Krauza
The Athlete of the Year award will be presented by the OLL Athletics Staff to a senior male and female athlete. These athletes have seen success on the field of play with their teams and have garnered individual recognition for their efforts.

Coach of the Year - Roy Kievit, Boys Soccer Coach
The Coach of the Year award is a new honor being presented for the first time this year. The OLL Athletics Staff will be honoring a coach who not only has seen success on the field of play this year but also helped guide their players to grow athletically, academically, and as people. This award encompasses all the hard work our coaches put in every season for our student-athletes and to run successful programs.

Congratulations to all our Warriors on a fantastic year of Lourdean sports!