According to Miles of Hope, it is part of their mission “to fund support services, education, and outreach to those affected by breast cancer in the Hudson Valley, Miles of Hope is proud to award 15 scholarships to students whose lives have been impacted by their connection to breast cancer. The Miles of Hope College Scholarships program is one of our four pillar, annually funded programs and we are proud to have many worthy candidates whose stories touched our hearts. We believe that all of our applicants deserve praise and gratitude!”

Ella not only celebrated her graduation from OLL earlier this month but she also graduated from Dutchess County College as part of their Class of 2023. She plans to study Psychology, Pre-Nursing, and Pre-Med at Seton Hall. During her years here at Lourdes, Ella was the Girls’ Varsity Tennis Team Captain, Respect Life Co-President, and the News & Views Editor. She was also an active participant in Varsity Fencing, Campus Ministry and Wind Ensemble.

Congratulations Ella!