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According to their website, “The Red Sand Project is a participatory artwork initiative created by Molly Gochman that uses sidewalk interventions and earthwork installations to create opportunities for people to question, connect, and take action against vulnerabilities that can lead to human trafficking and exploitation.”

Watch this short video below to learn more.

The officers of the HEAL Club (Ilana Schaad, Isabella Serroukas, Josie Cruser, and Cassidy Glynn) began with a short presentation in the school auditorium and then invited all participants to the school courtyard to pour sand into sidewalk cracks and openings. By pouring sand into the sidewalk cracks we aim to remind others that “victims should not fall through the cracks”. Over 75 students took part in this project.

Ilana Schaad ’24, Founder and President of the OLL HEAL Club was a big advocate for bringing this project to the school, commenting, “It is a different way to get others involved without making it overwhelming, which helps in promoting more awareness and participation.”

A job well done by all members of the HEAL Club on bringing much-needed awareness of this important issue!