Featured on MTV at the age of 15, Joe developed a love for performing. After attending a Teen A.C.T.S. retreat, he decided to dedicate his life to spreading the Gospel and connecting with audiences using his love of music.

Joe received his BA in Religious studies from the University of Dayton. For more than ten years he worked in Catholic education as a youth minister and religion teacher. Joe has visited Europe, Africa, Australia, and South America as well as all over the USA evangelizing the Gospel to crowds of teens.

Joe visited OLL from California and was thrilled by the response from our students. Joe remarked “I have seen kids go crazy for Jesus, Lourdes students did not disappoint! This was an awesome morning!.”

“We are very blessed that the Archdiocese recommended Joe Melendrez to us and that he was able to provide this unique experience to our student body,” remarked Lourdes Principal Meghan Vilardo. “Mr. Melendrez is a unique and amazing performer whose talent and passion for the Catholic faith are contagious. It was a joy to introduce him to our community!”

Joseph will be performing at the New York Catholic Youth Day 2024 set to be held on Saturday, April 27, 2024. 

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