As a revered figure within our school, Father Keane touched the lives of countless students, faculty members, and families with his warmth, wisdom, and guidance. He exemplified the teachings of Christ through his selfless service, offering spiritual counsel, leading prayers, and imparting invaluable lessons that will continue to resonate within our hearts for years to come.

Remembered fondly by numerous alumni and former faculty members, “he was absolutely loved by all of the people he came in contact with!” Retired faculty member, Mrs. Judi Maher further added, “he drove a Dodge Stealth, played the drums and, unbelievably, was teaching himself to play the bagpipes - he would go down into the basement after school to practice!”

Beyond his role as a spiritual leader, Father Keane was a beacon of hope and inspiration, instilling in all with whom he came in contact with, the values of love, forgiveness, and empathy. He fostered a strong sense of community and belonging, creating a space where all felt welcomed and embraced.

May Father Keane’s soul rest in eternal peace, and may he continue to watch over us from his place in heaven.

Click here for Father Keane’s obituary.

Services for Father Keane took place on April 7 - 8 at the Church of St. Anastasia in Harriman, New York.

Reception of the Body and Wake/Lying in Repose
Sunday, April 7, 2024
Church of St. Anastasia

Parish Requiem Mass
Sunday, April 7, 2024
Principal Celebrant: Most Reverend Gerardo J. Colacicco

Mass of Christian Burial
Monday, April 8, 2024
Church of St. Anastasia
Principal Celebrant: Most Reverend John S. Bonnici