Chris graduated from Our Lady of Lourdes in 2004. He then attended Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts, graduating in 2008, He received his Masters Degree from Nichols in 2010.

Upon graduation,Chris accepted a position as an Account Executive with the Miami HEAT. After a successful four years with the HEAT, Chis decided he wanted to work where he was able to help people in the community he grew up in. Thus, in 2011, Chris begun his career with New York Life. He has successfully hit Council Level goals for four consecutive years. Chris has been named Agent of the Month three times as well as New Org Agent of the Month five times. He is now a partner at the Hudson Valley General Office. 

Chis resides in Highland, NY. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, relaxing by the beach, or traveling the world. Chris is an avid sports fan of golf, tennis, football, and most especially Warrior basketball!