Kateri’s passion for teaching math was formed in part by the wonderful mathematics teachers at Lourdes who she says “pushed me to strive for excellence and to forge my own path.”

After leaving Lourdes in 2013, Kateri attended the University of Scranton where she received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Philosophy. While at Scranton, Kateri participated in NSF research at Kansas State University.  Her research concentrated on refining cellular automatic updating rules to model mean curvature flow. In 2017, she left Scranton and headed to the University of Notre Dame. Kateri received her degree in Education in 2019.

Currently, Kateri is a teaching fellow with the Alliance for Catholic Education, teaching math and religion at Our Lady of Sorrows School in McAllen, TX. Kateri also volunteers with AmeriCorps and their Alliance for Catholic Education. 

Kateri says “I am grateful for the opportunities my Catholic school education at St. Mary’s Wappingers Falls, Our Lady of Lourdes, and the University of Scranton provided me by deepening my love of learning. I hope to pass on the passion and joy I have experienced to my own students every day.”