Prior School(s)

St. Mary’s School Fishkill

Extracurricular Activities

Played JV and Varsity Baseball at Lourdes; travel Baseball outside of Lourdes; was in a band throughout High School; Began the Film Club at Lourdes with a classmate

A Message From the Nominee

 “My Lourdes experience has prepared me for my future in many ways. I have made many relationships with my classmates who may stay friends with me forever. Also, Lourdes academics were challenging, and throughout the years I have learned to work along with other students and to use my resources wisely to overcome the challenges and become a successful High School student. 

I am glad I attended Lourdes because both the social atmosphere and the outstanding academics were more than I could ever have asked for. The faculty were always by my side when I faced challenges and helped me through every single step up to where I am now. Every student in my class was also kind., supportive, and willing to talk whenever possible.

As my calculus teacher for two straight years, Mrs. Sweeny is outstanding in her profession and she is a very kind-hearted/supportive individual. I had her third period both years, and sometimes I would spend my whole fourth-period lunch talking to her after class about both math and life. She has strongly influenced me to study Engineering at RPI as well, and she will be a teacher I will always miss. 

If you could come to Lourdes, you will have the greatest four years of your life. People are always willing to assist you at every step of the journey and you will come out of the school after your senior year ready to take on the real world. This school prepares you so well for college, and you will meet people here who you will be friends with for your entire life.”

College Plans

Daniel is planning to major in Industrial and Management Engineering with a minor in Music at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). He aspires to be either a full-time engineer or a professional musician. 

Favorite Memory from Lourdes

“My favorite memory from Lourdes is hosting the Charity Concert this December. We brought all of the students together for an amazing cause and the collaboration of all the students who participated made the event amazing for the school community.”