Prior School(s)

St. Mary’s School Fishkill

Extracurricular Activities

Drama inside and outside of school; Dance since she was two years old; Senior Prom Committee

A Message From the Nominee

“Lourdes lives up to its standards of being a college preparatory school. Knowing I am going to college not having to worry about taking a few classes because I already earned credits lifts a huge weight off my shoulders. Not only am I prepared academically but in my four years here I have grown so much as a person. Not only am I excited to see what my future holds, but I am excited to see all the amazing things the entire class of 2018 does in the future. 

I have become a part of a family. Everyone at Lourdes is kind-hearted and so supportive of one another. The class of 2018 has grown so much together in these past four years. It is bittersweet knowing I am graduating in just a few days. However, I am beyond grateful to have met all of the amazing students, faculty and staff, grow academically, and live and learn my faith every single day. 

Mr. Junjulas has been my religion teacher since my Sophmore year. He would always go out of his way to ask how my day was or what show I was performing in next. From the moment I first walked into his class, you can immediately see his passion for teaching us about our faith and how he genuinely cares about each and every one of his students. 

Lourdes is a wonderful place to grow as a person both academically and spiritually. We are such a tight-knit community and everyone is so supportive of each other. You find your place here whether it be excelling in academics, athletics, performing arts, or in one of the varieties of clubs offered at OLL. The first day of school you immediately feel at home and find mentors and friends that will last a lifetime.”

College Plans

Mackenzie intends to major in Dance at Oklahoma City University. After college, she plans to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer and later on opening a dance studio of her own. 

Favorite Memory from Lourdes

“My favorite memory from Lourdes is organizing the first annual Mr. Warrior contest. Not only was it fun, but I got to spend time and organize it with my best friend, Alexis. I am grateful for Mrs. Paggi trusting me to organize such a big event and being able to bring the Lourdes community together.”