Prior School(s)

St. Martin de Porres School

Extracurricular Activities

Co-founder of Youth Service Club; Captain of Girls Varsity Soccer (played four years); Travel Soccer; Pro-Life Club; Editor in Chief of the Yearbook; National Honor Society

A Message From the Nominee

 “Effort has a major effect here at Lourdes and in my future. From Lourdes, I have experienced tough classes with difficult curriculums that demanded effort, something I will also need in college and in my career. These rigorous classes have been AP and college classes that also can get college credit so my college experience can demand effort in new fields of study. 

I have been positively changed. I have learned how to give humorous speeches, how to take the integrals of exponential functions, how to find joy throughout stress, and how to really enjoy learning. Lourdes has allowed me to make wonderful friendships and gain lifelong knowledge.

My most influential class has been AP Computer Science. As the girl who did not even know how to turn the computer on the first day of school, I made a significant improvement in my computer competency, not without some struggle through the course of the year. 

I would tell a student considering Lourdes that it is an experience and investment that is worthwhile. You can always find your niche in the school whether it be in drama club, yearbook, varsity soccer or all of it! You can find something to have fun with and get amazing friends along the way!”

College Plans

Julia will be attending the Catholic University of America with a Double Major in Civil Engineering and Architecture. 

Favorite Memory from Lourdes

“AP Literature English class while reading Hamlet. A subject that can be boring and confusing, it was the wonderful people in my class that made me laugh so hard at the simple phrase, “Oh I am slain.” The simple memories become inside jokes that really do make the difference in your day.”