Extracurricular Activities

Lourdes Theatre Company; Track and Field; Football; Ski Club; Chorus; Senior Class President; Member of the nationwide historical society called the Children of the American Revolution

A Message From the Nominee

“It’s hard to describe my Lourdes experience. After three years there is so much to say. There is a great education offered, and the faculty has been very helpful. Every faculty and staff member at Lourdes wants you to succeed, that is why we are pushed harder. The expectations for Lourdeans are set higher.

After living in Europe for 4 years I was glad to come back to the States and be attending Lourdes. Going to Lourdes has helped me reconnect with many of my classmates from before I moved. Also, Lourdes has prepared me for college and I couldn’t be happier with my high school education. 

Mr. Keenan has been my most influential teacher while at Lourdes. My sophomore year he was my Geometry teacher and ever since I have been able to randomly go and stay in his room between periods. He has also been someone I could always just talk to. I could ask him any question I had, mathematical or otherwise.”

College Plans

Corey was accepted to Assumption College, Siena College, Seton Hall University, Clarkson University, And Le Moyne College.

Corey will be attending Clarkson University, where he will play football and study Mechanical Engineering as his major, and Computer Science as a minor. 

Favorite Memory from Lourdes

“My favorite memory is from the pep rally at the end of spirit week. I was performing in a talent show; however, my mic wasn’t on. As I was turning red from embarrassment I heard more voices singing the song with me. I looked to my left and saw my friends and teammates and everyone else in the school singing with me. I could not have felt happier.”