Extracurricular Activities

Drama Club; Soccer; Track

A Message From the Nominee

“I believe that attending Lourdes has prepared me for college in ways I never thought possible. I have learned so much about independent study and created relationships that will benefit me in the future. 

I not only learned very useful skills but I also discovered my love for Musical Theater through the Drama program. I also met so many lovely and kind people that I’m so lucky to call my friends. 

The Drama program director, Tom Lawrence has influenced me the most. Mr. Lawrence has been my director since my sophomore year. He hasn’t only taught me how to improve as an actor but he’s also been a great friend to me. I’m so excited to be going to his college for my education in the arts.”

College Plans

Dan was accepted to Ithaca College, North Carolina School of the Arts, Oklahoma University and Pace University.

He will be attending Oklahoma University where he will study Musical Theater/Actor in the Arts. 

Favorite Memory from Lourdes

“Music in the Parks, a chorus competition where the chorus class competes against other schools and then we spend the day in Six Flags Amusement Park.”