Extracurricular Activities

Literary Magazine; News & Views; Newspaper; Yearbook; OLL Select Choir; Girl Scouts; Hudson Valley Writing Project; OLL Theatre Company

A Message From the Nominee

“My Lourdes experience has prepared me for the future by making me a better writer, a closer reader, and a more critical thinker, as well as by giving me the opportunity to earn enough college credits to springboard me into college. 

Lourdes has formed me into a more caring, more open, more socially and culturally aware, and more kind person. From the tireless faculty to the dedicated staff (especially the kitchen staff, who always have a smile to share) Lourdes has its foundation in a team of adults who truly do have our best interests in mind. Being in an environment like that has helped me to grow closer to being the best person I can be. (It doesn’t hurt that the food is great too).

The Lourdes faculty member who influenced me the most is Mrs. Lauren Katz. Not only was her AP Language and Composition the hardest - and subsequently, the most formative and influential English class I’ve ever taken, it was also the most fun. I’ll always remember Worship Wednesday (and, in a bind, Thankful Thursday or Faithful Friday), and the things I learned in Mrs. Katz’s class are part of the reason why I felt strong enough in my English and writing to major in it. Be it in class, with the Newspaper, or in News & Views, Mrs. Katz expects the best of her students - so we expect the best of ourselves. I am a better person for having met her. “

College Plans

Jamila was accepted to Emerson College, University of Michigan, Columbia University, Fordham University, Washington University in Seattle, Emory University, Boston University, SUNY New Paltz, Oberlin, and NYU.

She will be attending Washington University in Saint Louis where she plans to major in English and earn her masters (and maybe doctorate) degree.

Favorite Memory from Lourdes

“My favorite memory from Lourdes is my first time being in the cast of a musical - Godspell. I made some of my closest friendships there and it is where I learned to love the theater as much as I do today. From auditions to rehearsals to opening and closing night, I’ll always look on Godspell fondly.”